"Imagine Your Story"
Creative Writing Workshop
Summer Reading Club 2020

Join Children's Assistant, Mrs. Charlotte, this summer to read, write, share stories, and learn some fun and easy writing tips! In this group, we will read poems, stories, excerpts from chapter books, letters, and more. Every Tuesday at 2:00 PM, Mrs. Charlotte will go "live" in the "Imagine Your Story" Creative Writing Workshop on Facebook with a lesson to include a reading, writing tips/strategies, examples of writing from past students, and a few writing prompts to help create your own! We will write about ourselves, our dreams, our pets, our families, our backyards, our favorite foods, our favorite faraway lands--and wherever else our imaginations take us!

Previously Aired Workshop Sessions

Sesson I

Session I Part II

Session II

Session III

Session IV

Session V

Challenge yourself this week! (and learn some new words) ? What stories or poems can you create from a list of random words?

Posted by Twin Lakes Library System on Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Session VI

In this week's creative writing workshop, learn different ways to write about loss: lost objects, lost time, lost direction, etc. What have you lost (or found)?

Posted by Twin Lakes Library System on Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Session VII