Using your PINES account

My Account

You can access information about your account from any page in the catalog by selecting the My Account link in the upper right corner of any page in the catalog. Your account information includes contact information, items you have checked out or placed on hold, your fines, preferences for the catalog, and your lists (formally known as bookbags), a place for you to keep reading lists or other lists of items. Each of the sections in the My Account area is described below.

Logging Into Your Account

1. Click on the My Account link

2. Enter Your Username

* If this is your first time logging in, your username will be your library card number. You are welcome to change your username from your library card number to a unique username in the Account Preferences.

3. Enter Your Password

* All new accounts are assigned a temporary PIN number when created.

*Recommended: Change your temporary PIN number to a unique password in the Account Preferences.

* If you do not have or cannot recall your password and the library has a valid email address for your account, you can use the automated password reset feature.

* If you do not know your password and the library does not have a valid email address for your account, then please call or visit any PINES library with your card and ID to have your PIN reset.

4. Click on the Login button.

Account Summary

The Account Summary tab displays a summary of the number of items you have checked out, the number of holds you have, and the number of holds you have ready for pickup. Clicking on “more information” will provide a detailed list of these items. Also on the summary page are any fines that are owed and any payments.

Items Checked Out

The Items Checked Out tab displays a list of all items that are currently checked out. The list includes the title/author of the item, the number of remaining renewals, the due date, the barcode, and the call number of the item. To renew any items, check the box on the far left side of each item you want to renew. Go to the dropdown menu just above the list and choose “Renew Selected Titles”. Then click “Go”. Your items will be renewed and a new due date will be shown in your account.

Items on Hold

The Holds tab shows the materials you currently have on hold (reserve). The title, author, format, pickup location, and status are displayed. You may cancel a hold, suspend a hold, or activate a hold from this screen. Clicking on the checkbox to the left of the item and then go to the dropdown menu above the item list and choose the action for the selected items. By clicking on the “edit” link to the right of the item, you can edit the pickup library, suspend a hold, activate a hold, and change the expiration date of the hold.

Account Preferences

In the Account Preferences tab personal information can be viewed. Patrons may edit their account name, PIN/password, and email address. Any other changes to personal information will be done by library staff at the patron request. Notification preferences may be set by each patron. The patron can choose to be notified by email, phone, text or all three. A default phone number for hold notification can also be entered here. Search preferences allow you to decide how many entries you want to see on a page when you complete a search. You can also choose your preferred search location and your preferred pick-up library for holds.