Thank You for Your Patronage

The Twin Lakes Library System annually celebrates the month of April as Patron Appreciation Month (P.A.M.) in honor of you - our patrons. We celebrate every library card holder and all the people who use the library for all your various reasons. Our library system is your library system. We do not exist to only house books but to provide access to all forms of information resources. We are the free version of yesterday's Blockbuster Video. Our staff strives to fulfill our mission on a daily basis by advocating and providing information resources to all and exploring new ways to improve and enhance the educational, cultural and recreational life of the public as means of increasing the intellectual potential of the community as a whole.

The Twin Lakes Library System would not exist without your support.

On behalf of the Board of Trustees and staff of the Twin Lakes Library System we say,


Amnesty Program

During the month of April, the Library forgives up to half the accumulated fines on a person's library card account, when paying the entire account off in full in a single transaction. Patrons also have the opportunity for full forgiveness of fees associated to long overdue or lost items belonging to the Twin Lakes Library System when returning these items in-person and in an officially acceptable condition for immediate circulation to other patrons.

If you have questions about the Twin Lakes Library System Amnesty Program, please contact us for more information.

Full details about the Amnesty Program.

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