Meet Our Staff

Dana Portwood, Branch Manager, Mary Vinson Memorial Library

Dana Portwood
Branch Manager
Mary Vinson Memorial Library
478.452.0677 ext. 135


Dabney Kinser, Branch Manager, Hancock Branch

Dabney Kinser
Young Adult Librarian
& Branch Manager

Hancock Branch
478.452.0677 ext. 127

Virginia Greene, Branch Manager, Lake Sinclair Library

Virginia Greene
Branch Manager

Lake Sinclair Library

Jared Baker, Cataloging

Jared Baker

Kevin Sweat, Circulation Manager

Kevin Sweat
Circulation Manager
478.452.0677 ext 130

Gina Towner, Reference Manager

Gina Towner
Reference Manager
478.452.0677 ext 123

Julia Harris, Children's Specialist

Julia Harris
Children's Specialist
478.452.0677 ext 129


Kit Archer, Library Assistant

Kit Archer
Library Assistant

Janet Davis, Library Assistant

Janet Davis
Library Assistant

Heats Evans, Library Assistant

Heats Evans
Library Assistant

Natalie Mau, Library Assistant

Natalie Mau
Library Assistant

Elaine Pinter, Library Assistant

Elaine Pinter
Library Assistant

Alicia Reed, Library Assistant

Alicia Reed
Library Assistant

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Library Assistant, Children's Services

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This Could Be You

Full-Time Library Assistant
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