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Meeting Room Policy

The Mary Vinson Memorial Library’s meeting room is designed as a limited public forum for the welfare of the community and its civic, cultural and educational groups and organizations. While priority for usage of the meeting room will be for Library, City, County, and Board of Education purposes, the Mary Vinson Memorial Library meeting room will be made available in the manner set forth by this policy and in a manner consistent with the mission of the Library. The Twin Lakes Library System Board of Trustees adopted this Policy on November 14, 2006.

Who May Use the Library Meeting Room
Any club or community group of persons meeting for non-profit purposes may request and be assigned use of the meeting room, provided the proper request has been made and recorded with the Library Director, acting on behalf of the Board of Trustees. A valid non-delinquent PINES Library Card will be required for all reservations and current contact information will be requested from the individual making the request, with the understanding that any damage caused by the user’s meeting will result in charges being placed on the user’s account.

Eligible groups include:

  • Civic organizations
  • Social clubs whose intent is educational or cultural in nature
  • Academic classes or study groups of more than two people
  • Professional or honorary groups
  • Organized school or academic groups which have a civic interest or goal

All meetings are open to the public. The Library staff reserves the right to enter the meeting room at any time.

Who May Not Use the Library Meeting Room
The meeting room is not an appropriate venue for the following types of meetings:

  • Any group meeting for a profitable reason.
  • Family group meeting for family or personal reasons, such as family reunion, wedding reception, etc.
  • Political campaigns (political forums, however, are allowed)
  • Any meeting that would tend to incite or provoke imminent lawless action, to be disruptive to other Library functions or would endanger the safety of Library staff or patrons.
  • One-on-one meetings of any kind (example: personal tutoring), with the exception of those events held at the request of the Library, the City, the County or the Board of Education.
  • Any group which has violated Library policies related to the meeting room on prior visits.

Use of the Meeting Room
Requests for meeting room use may be denied if the hours of use are unsatisfactory to the planned operating hours of the Library or if the noise from the activity planned would disturb the normal operation of the Library.

No admission or attendance charge is to be made unless the Library is serving as a sponsor and funds from the attendance are necessary and announced in advance in order to provide the necessary gratuities or matching funds to produce the program.

Use of the meeting room does not imply endorsement, support or co-sponsorship by the Library for the activities taking place in the meeting room. When the Library does sponsor events, it will be made clear that the Library endorses said event.

All meetings must be open to the public.

The number of attendees shall be limited to the maximum capacity as determined by the Fire Department. Seating is available to no more than twelve (12) individuals.

Outside food and drink are not allowed.

The Library Director is authorized to make decisions regarding the eligibility of groups or individuals to use the Library meeting rooms when questions arise. Decisions may be appealed in writing to the Library Board of Trustees for review. The decisions of the Library Board of Trustees shall be final.

The meeting room may be reserved up to one month in advance of the scheduled date. The Library Director or designated person on the Library staff will be responsible for confirming and scheduling any meeting room request. Bookings are made on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Requests for reservation may be made via a web form located on the Library’s website, in person or via telephone. On the day that the room is to be used, the person who made the reservation must be present with their valid non-delinquent Library card.

The meeting room will close twenty minutes prior to the closing of the Library facility.

Due to unforeseen events, the Library reserves the right to cancel any scheduled meeting. This will not be done lightly but it is inevitable that complications will arise from time to time.

Meeting Room Reservations

Fill out the printable application or the online form below to begin the reservation process.

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For additional information please contact Dana Portwood (Reference Supervisor) at (478) 452-0677