From NOW until June 30th! Because we appreciate you!
Thank you for being here with us before during our Twin Lakes Library System years and as we merge into the future with the Middle Georgia Regional Library System.

Patrons may accumulate temporary fines on items circulating in the Twin Lakes Library System due to the 24 hour quarantining of materials upon their return. These fines will be removed upon check-in. Our libraries continue to follow ongoing Pandemic Checkin Procedures to ensure patrons do not receive unnecessary fines and fees but many accounts still have fines and fees owing from Pre-Pandemic times. Give us a call at 478-452-0677 (make sure you have your library card available) or see us at one of our branch locations to discuss the status of your account and how we can help you get back to checking out materials in time for Summer Reading Club 2021.

Partial Fine Forgiveness for PRE-PANDEMIC Accumulated Fines

  • All eligible fines and fees associated with items belonging to Twin Lakes Library System are reduced by half.
  • All payments made must be in person. The account must be paid in full at the time of service.
  • ONLY fines and fees originating from the Twin Lakes Library System are eligible. The Amnesty Program is part of Patron Appreciation Month and is exclusive to the Twin Lakes Library System. We cannot clear or reduce fees associated with items belonging to other PINES member library systems.
  • Lost or long-overdue item fees are not eligible for Partial Fine Forgiveness.

Full Forgiveness for Lost and Long-Overdue Items

  • During Patron Appreciation Month in April, patrons may bring back some or all items previously identified as lost or long-overdue for full forgiveness for each item returned in shelf-ready condition.
  • ONLY items owned by the branches of the Twin Lakes Library System are eligible.
  • Lost or long-overdue items returned MUST be in the condition considered ready for circulation to the next patron.
    Return it in the condition in which you received it.
  • Items returned in damaged condition do not qualify for the Amnesty Program.

Damaged Items

  • Do not qualify for the Amnesty Program.
  • Need to be paid for in full. May include up to a $10 processing fee.

Free PINES Card Replacement

  • $2.00 card replacement fee waived.
Thank you for supporting your local libraries!!!