Because Someone Has Already Asked…(or Inquiring Readers Want to Know)

We have started a new year.

We will be inaugurating a new president.

And in the Summer of 2017 we will all be reading to BUILD A BETTER WORLD.

This year’s Summer Reading Club theme incorporates science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and imagination not to mention big machines to construct our wildest dreams of our future hopes. Once again there will be a summer reading club for all age groups with prizes, events, and fun activities. I’m bringing this to your attention now while we are still in the throes of winter to remind you there are many great things ahead as we adventure into this new year together.  If you find yourself getting bogged down start thinking about all the wonderful books you can find at your local library.

Our 2017 Summer Reading Club is still in development. The official sign up for SRC 2017 does not start until May and the official start dates will be posted the moment they are finalized. In the meantime, there are many wonderful programs and events going on in our library system throughout the weeks leading up to Summer Reading Club. As always we will continue to keep you, the public, informed about current and future events and the development of SRC 2017.

Just remember that Summer Reading Club does not start until Summer and anything you read now will not count.

BUT don’t let that stop you from reading!

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