There are never too many books in the world...

Only a lack of bookshelves. This is the plight of the avid reader and book owner. This is also the plight of the public library regardless of its size.   Physical space is limited.   Libraries for quite some time now, including yours truly, invest in alternative expansions of the available collection namely in the form of digital materials. Digital media such as ebooks and digital audio will not end the publication and availability of physical books. Access to digital media resources only puts more into the hands of the public giving more opportunities to have access and opportunity to read the things we all want to be reading. Yes, it is 2019, but technology can still be a little scary even to those of us who are seasoned veterans in their usage or grew up not knowing anything else.  There is also a nostalgia about the published page in the way it feels in our hands and smells when we breathe in the scent of the pages. 

If you are the owner of a mobile device and want to learn more about how to tap into the digital resources provided to you through your local Twin Lakes Library System branches, then please, come on in and see us. There is a whole universe of stories to discover this summer and beyond.


Hoopla Digital can help you navigate into a universe of stories this summer.